Status: Unknown
Sibling(s): Unnamed sister
Seasons: 2
First mentioned: The Western Book of the Dead
Vera is the 24 year old maid whose disappearance is being investigated by Ani Bezzerides and her partner Elvis Ilinca.

Biography Edit

The Western Book of the Dead Edit

The disappearance of Vera is brought to Ani Bezzerides' attention when she makes a formal delivery of an eviction notice during her duty patrol. The tenant reveals herself as the elder sister and that she had made repeated complaints with the Police. According to her, Vera's phone has been disconnected and her roommate accounts she moved out. A follow-up of the case leads to the Panticapaeum Institute. Further questioning with the employees reveals that she quit her job as a cleaning staff for an employment opportunity with better pay. Vera was last seen travelling near Sonoma's Club circuit where coinidentally, Ben Caspere was nabbing land deals.

Events in CaliforniaEdit

Vera had reportedly sent a packet of photos taken at a private party from a hidden camera to her sister's old address. In the episodes that followed, Ilinca tracks down Vera's last call location at the request of his partner Ani Bezzerides.


  1. The calendar at the residence reads 23rd September 2015
  2. A butterfly imagery gets repeated in certain places including here