An unnamed cult and its crimes are the center focus of True Detective Season 1. It's known, unofficially, as the Tuttle Cult, the Carcosa Cult, or the Yellow King Cult


The cult is mainly composed of the Tuttle Family, a very powerful and influential dynasty that's ruled Louisiana for decades. The cult's motives and beliefs are unknown, but they seem to worship "Carcosa" and "The Yellow King" through human sacrifice involving the sexual torture of dozens of children. The Tuttles use their own elementary schools as fronts, and their crimes go unnoticed and unpunished for decades thanks to a conspiracy tied with local police and even the government. One of the rituals are seen on tape, where a total of nine cultists are visible, all disguised with animalistic Mardi Gras clothing. From 1995 to 2012, detectives Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart gradually uncover the conspiracy of the cult. By 2012, the cult is nearly defunct as most members of the Tuttle family have died, leaving bastard son Errol Childress left to uphold its traditions. 

Known MembersEdit

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