Maynard Gilbough
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Maynard Gilbough (2012)
Name: Maynard Gilbough
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Profession: Detective, Louisiana State Police
Marital status: Married (2nd Marriage)
Played by: Michael Potts
Seasons: 1
First episode: "The Long Bright Dark"

Maynard Gilbough is a Louisiana State Police detective and one of the main characters of the series in season 1.


Maynard Gilbough often seems to appear more cynical and blunt than his partner Thomas Papania. Although these traits may convey a less caring exterior, in the final episode of Season 1 Form and Void, Gilbough shows a less abrasive personality by helping Rust and Marty to not fall victim to Eroll Childress.

Memorable quotesEdit

Martin Hart: You know I've seen all the different types. We all fit a certain category. The bully... The charmer... The... uh... surrogate dad... the man possessed by ungovernable rage... the brain... and any of those types can be a good detective and any of those types can be an incompetent shitheel.

Maynard Gilbough: Which type were you? 

Martin Hart: Oh, just a regular type dude... with a big ass dick



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