This is a list of all individuals known to have died in True Detective.

Deaths Edit

Season 1 Edit

Date Person(s) Image(s) Method Killer(s) Last words Episode
October 11, 1987 Stacy Gerhardt Unknown method Unknown killer, possibly Errol Childress & Unknown Others The Long Bright Dark
Between 1987 and 1989 Sofia Cohle Car accident Unknown driver Seeing Things
1989 ca. Crankhead's daughter Meth overdose Crankhead
Crankhead Shot Rustin Cohle
1990 ca. Marie Fontenot 01 - Marie Fontenot Unknown method Errol Childress & Unknown Others Hinted in Seeing Things, confirmed in After You've Gone
1990 ca. Sonny Guidry (debatable) Errol Childress & Unknown Others Hinted in Haunted Houses
1992 Rianne Olivier 02 - Rianne Olivier Multiple stab wounds Errol Childress & Unknown Others Seeing Things
February 1993 3 Cartel men Shot Rustin Cohle
January 3, 1995 Dora Kelly Lange 03 - Dora Kelly Lange Multiple stab wounds Errol Childress, Reggie Ledoux, Dewall Ledoux & Unknown Others The Long Bright Dark
Prior to/during 1995 At least 14 Female & 4 Male Victims

04 - John Doe -1 05 - Jane Doe -1 06 - Jane Doe -2 07 to 21 - 3 John Does, 15 Jane Does

Burnt (1 Female) Unknown killer/s Shown in pictures in The Locked Room
OD'd (1 Male, 1 Female)
Skull cracked (1 Male, 1 Female)
Unknown (2 Males, 11 Females)
February 1995 Lamar 22 - Lamar Shot Biker #1 "You sorry-ass motherfucker! I told your cracker ass, bitch ass-" Who Goes There
Tiger Thomas 23 - Tiger Thomas Rustin Cohle "It's in there."
Biker #1 24 - Biker -1 Throat crushed "I fucking knew it!"
Thug #1 25 & 26 - Biker -2 Shot Biker #2
Biker #2 Thug #2
Prior to/during March 17, 1995 Billy 27 - Billy Unknown method, likely starvation Reggie Ledoux The Secret Fate of All Life
March 17, 1995 Reginald "Reggie" Ledoux 28 - Reggie Ledoux Shot Martin Hart "Black stars. They're coming from the sky."
Dewall Ledoux 29 - Dewall Ledoux Explosion
Prior to 2002 Jessica Budroux Choked in her sleep (staged as SIDS) Charmaine Budroux Haunted Houses
Judy Budroux
Prior to/during 2002 Austin Farrar Suicide by unknown method (hinted to be a staged homicide, possibly on orders by Billy Lee Tuttle and/or Unknown Others)
2002 2 Victims in a Pharmacy Shot Guy Francis The Secret Fate of All Life
Guy Francis 30 - Guy Francis Suicide by slit wrists (possibly staged and/or ordered by others)
Charmaine's Third Child Choked in his sleep (staged as SIDS) Charmaine Budroux Haunted Houses
2006 Baby 31 - Baby Microwaved Tweaker After You've Gone
2010 William "Billy" Lee Tuttle Suicide by overdose (probably staged by unknown others) Haunted Houses
Before 2012 (implied to be in 1992 ca.) Travis Cohle Leukemia Who Goes There
2012 Stephanie L. Kordish 32 - Stephanie L. Kordish Multiple stab wounds Errol Childress & Unknown Others The Long Bright Dark
Prior to/during 2012 William "Billy" Lee Childress 33 - William ''Billy'' Lee Childress Unknown method Unknown, presumably Errol Childress & Unknown Others Form and Void
Ted Childress Unknown
At least 12 victims (implied by Rust's map to actually amount to 75) Bonus - Rust's Map Unknown/multiple methods Errol Childress & Unknown Others Form and Void for the 12 confirmed victims, After You've Gone for the implied ones
2012 Errol William Childress 34 - Errol William Childress Shot Rustin Cohle "Now, take off your mask." Form and Void

Season 2 Edit

Date Person(s) Image(s) Method Killer(s) Last words Episode
1970s Frank Semyon's mother Unknown disease Omega Station
Possibly 1978 Ani and Athena Bezzerides' mother Suicide by drowning The Western Book of the Dead
April 30, 1992 Margaret Osterman Shot Teague Dixon and/or Kevin Burris, on orders from Ben Caspere Church in Ruins
Mr. Osterman
Unborn child
Late 1990s - Early 2000s Helen Chessani Suicide by hanging (likely staged by Irving Pitlor) Down Will Come
2004 Methhead Shot Ray Velcoro Implied in The Western Book of the Dead, confirmed in Omega Station
Before 2015 2 Panticapaeum Institute Children Suicide Night Finds You
October 26, 2015 Benjamin "Ben" Caspere 01 - Benjamin Caspere Trauma-induced heart attack Leonard Osterman AKA Crow The Western Book of the Dead
October 28, 2015 Stan 02 - Stan Eyes burnt with acid Blake Churchman Maybe Tomorrow
Danny Santos (debatable) 03 - Danny Santos Implied to have bled out after his teeth have been pulled out Frank Semyon "No!"
November 2015 Teague Dixon 04 - Teague Dixon Shot Drug dealer "What the fuck-" Down Will Come
At least 6 cops 05 to 24 - Ledo Amarilla, at least 6 cops, 4 drug dealers, 9 civilians 4 drug dealers (5 cops) 1 cop shoot cop
At least 4 drug dealers Ani Bezzerides, Ray Velcoro, Paul Woodrugh & 6 other cops
At least 9 civilians 4 drug dealers (6 victims), Ledo Amarilla (3 victims)
Ledo Amarilla Ray Velcoro and Paul Woodrugh "La madre de la muerte me encuentra!" (The mother of death finds me!)
January 2016 Irina Rulfo 25 - Irina Rulfo Throat slit Unknown Gonzales Mexican cartel enforcer Church in Ruins
Bodyguard 26 - Bodyguard Multiple stab wounds Ani Bezzerides "The fuck did you do?"
Katherine Davis 27 - Katherine Davis Shot Unknown killer, likely on Kevin Burris' orders Black Maps and Motel Rooms
Blake Churchman 28 - Blake Churchman Frank Semyon "I can-"
Osip's goon 29 - Osip's goon "Osip wants to know where is gas leak."
3 Ares security guards

30 - Ares Security Guard -1 31 - Ares Security Guard -2 32 - Miguel Glib 33 - Ares Security Guard -3

Paul Woodrugh
Miguel Gilb Paul Woodrugh "They just want to talk."
Paul L. Woodrugh 34 - Paul L. Woodrugh Kevin Burris "Fuck you."
Austin Chessani 35 - Austin Chessani Poisoned (staged as a suicide) Unknown (likely on orders from Tony Chessani) Omega Station
Leonard Osterman AKA Crow 36 & 37 - William Holloway & Leonard Hosterman Shot William Holloway and 2 Cops
William Holloway Stabbed and shot Leonard Osterman and 2 Cops "That was Ben's illegitimate daughter."
Before January 19, 2016 Irving Pitlor 38 - Irving Pitlor Wrists slit (staged as a suicide) Unknown (likely on orders from Tony Chessani)
January 19, 2016 9 Security Guards

39 to 43 - Guards 1 44 to 47 - Guards 2

Shot Frank Semyon (6 guards), Ray Velcoro (3 guards)
Jacob McCandless 48 - Jacob McCandless Frank Semyon "Mr. Semyon, have you ever heard of moderation?"
Osip Agronov 49 - Osip Agronov "You're like my son."
January 20, 2016 2 Cops

50 - Cop -1 51 - Cop -2

Ray Velcoro
Raymond "Ray" Velcoro 52 - Ray Velcoro Kevin Burris and 1 Cop "God damn it."
Frank Semyon 53 - Frank Semyon Stabbed Unknown Gonzales Cartel enforcer "No rest. Never stop moving."

Season 3 Edit

Date Person(s) Image(s) Method Killer(s) Last words Episode
1940s Lucy Purcell's biological mother Unspecified Hunters in the Dark
27 November - 13 December 1950 About 5000 American soldiers Various ways in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir (Edward Hoyt's estimation) Now Am Found
Probably late 1950s Ellen Hoyt Unspecified disease
1968 to 1972 Wayne Hays' Vietnam buddy Vietcongs Shot The Hour and the Day
At least 5 American soldiers Unknown (possibly shot) Unknown
At least 8 Vietcongs Unknown (possibly Wayne Hays)
1977 Isabelle Hoyt's husband Car crash The Final Country
Mary (Isabelle Hoyt's daughter)
Before November 7, 1980 Boar Presumably shot Wayne Hays The Great War and Modern Memory
Oklahoma bar fight guy Unknown method Roland West's Vietnam buddy
Wayne Hays' mother (debatable) Unknown The Hour and the Day
November 7, 1980 Steve McQueen Heart failure The Great War and Modern Memory
Will Purcell Will Purcell Blunt force trauma and cervical fracture Isabelle Hoyt (accidental) "Julie!"
November 10, 1980 Eddie and 7 other vigilantes Shootout 2Shootout 1 Exploded (1), Shot (7) Brett Woodard (7), John Bowen (1) "We comin' in if you ain't comin' out!" (Eddie) "Uhn!" (Unknown vigilante) If You Have Ghosts
John Bowen Shot Brett Woodard "Aah!"
Burt Diller Brett Woodard
Brett Woodard Brett Woodard Wayne Hays "I'm countin', Sarge."
August 12, 1988 Lucy Purcell (née O'Brien) Lucy Purcell Overdose Possibly staged by Harris James on orders from Edward Hoyt The Big Never
Between 1987 and 1990 Isabel Hoyt Lithium overdose (suicide) Now Am Found
Before 1990 Deer Deer Shot Presumably Harris James and/or Edward Hoyt Hunters in the Dark
May 1990 Dan O'Brien Dan O'Brien Unknown method Unknown, presumably Tom Purcell or Harris James The Hour and the Day
Tom Purcell Tom Purcell Shot Staged as a suicide, presumably by Harris James or someone else on Edward Hoyt's orders The Final Country
Harrison "Harris" James Harris James Shot Roland West "I can't breathe."
December 10, 1995 Julie Purcell (aka Mary July, debatable) Mary July Complications from AIDS syndrome (possibly staged by the nuns) Now Am Found
Late 2000s - Early 2010s Edward Hoyt Unknown If You Have Ghosts
Before 2012 Soldier Son killed in battle Killed in battle The Final Country
2013 Amelia Hays (née Reardon) Died in her sleep The Great War and Modern Memory
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