"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" is the second episode of Season 3 of True Detective and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on January 13, 2019. In 1980, the investigation into Will's murder and Julie's disappearance continue. In 1980, Hays learns more about Julie's re-emergence. In 2015, Hays' memory starts to cause him problems.


Wayne looks back at the 1980 Purcell case, including possible evidence left behind at the crime scene, the Devil's Den – an outdoor hangout for local kids. As attention is drawn to two suspects – Brett Woodard, a solitary vet and trash collector, and Ted LaGrange, an ex-con with a penchant for children – the children's parents receive a cryptic note from an anonymous source.



The police investigation into Will Purcell's murder and Julie Purcell's disappearance continues. As the police drag the rivers, evidence is collected from Will's bike. The autopsy report shows that Will's cause of death was a broken neck. Wayne Hays and Roland West continue to investigate, talking to Tom Purcell's co-workers at Wilson Body Works and trying to find source of the chaff dolls. They also interview Brett Woodard. His experience in the Vietnam led to the breakdown of his marriage. Woodard recalls seeing Will and Julie on the day in question, and the teenagers, but he was going in the other direction.

At the West Finger Community Center, Gerald Kindt holds a local community meeting where he lays out information that can be divulged, and announces a curfew of 8:00 p.m. Xeroxs of Julie Purcell and Will's backpack are circulated.

Special Agents Burt Diller and John Bowen from the FBI are brought in and a task force is created. Diller and Bowen are charged with investigating the kidnapping, while Hays and West take point on the murder investigation.

Hays and West attend Will's funeral where they question Dan O'Brien. They are told that Will and Julie used to play outside a lot because of the tensions in the household between Tom and Lucy. Hays and West question him over his whereabouts on the night of the disappearance. They also speak to Tom's parents, Roy and Eloise Purcell. Eloise tells them that Lucy did not like them, and she believes that there was a question over Julie's parentage as Tom was possibly working away during the time that she was conceived. Roy tells her not to speak about considering what day it is, and they both break down. Tom asks the two detectives to leave.

Amelia Reardon questions her students about the chaff dolls. Mike Ardoin tells Amelia that the dolls were being given out at Halloween and that Julie got one. Tom returns to work, much to the surprise of his co-workers. The foreman tells him that he can't have distracted workers around heavy machinery. Tom quits angrily. Mike is questioned by Hays and West with Amelia present about the dolls and reveals that Julie had one in her trick and treat bag at the end of the night but didn't see who gave it to her.

The chaff dolls being the key, Hays and West want to search 114 households by simply asking to search their homes and then keeping total surveillance on the area. Kindt refuses to allow it as a violation of their privacy and property rights. West visits a Vice cop, Rich, who gives him information on a convicted child sex offender, Ted LaGrange, who was recently released from prison. Hays and Amelia meet at a bar, where he thanks her for helping with Mike Ardoin earlier in the day. As they get to know each other, Kindt holds a televised press conference revealing information that Julie might have been contacted during Halloween, going against Hays and West's advice to keep it quiet to avoid spooking any potential suspects.

Hays and West pick up Ted LaGrange and interrogate him in a barn by tying him up and beating him. They question him about the Purcell case, noting that his landlord revealed Ted had not been home on the night the children disappeared. They investigate where he works at Sunshine Hills Day Care and find that on the night in question he did not leave until 8:00 p.m. They tell his employer that she will not be seeing him again and if she does, to call them. West is all for killing Ted since no one will care, but Hays instead figures that he violated his parole. If they take him in, he will be back in prison the next day. Hays tells Ted that if he breathes a word about what they did to him, then he would ensure that he would be raped in prison by black men.

Hays and West head over to the Purcell house after they receive a note, seemingly from the kidnapper. It says that Julie is safe and that they should stop looking for her.


Hays tries to get more information on Julie Purcell out of Alan Jones, but Jim Dobkins refuses to divulge information on an ongoing investigation. Jones promises to talk to Hays about Julie once he finishes his deposition for the day.

At a bar, Jones tells Hays about the break in. The print is confirmed to be Julie's but they don't know if she was the burglar or a customer. Video evidence was subpoenaed and they are waiting for it.

Hays goes home to his family. Amelia has written a book on the Purcell case and just received the proof copies. His family noticed that Hays' was distracted. Amelia asks him about it and he tells her that Julie is alive.


Henry Hays takes his father to the now-closed West Finger Community Center. Hays thanks his son for helping him, telling Henry that sometimes he finds it hard to remember Amelia. They talk about Rebecca as well. Hays wants to know what Elisa Montgomery knows. Henry tells him that maybe he should let it all go and enjoy the family he still has.

Elisa shows Hays Internet sites dealing with true crime and unsolved mysteries and the theory that the chaff dolls were signature of pedophile rings. They continue the interview for a while, discussing the case when it was reopened in 1990.

Later, Hays has dinner with Henry and his family, where the discussion turns to Rebecca and Hays' desire to see her again. However, his memory problems cause him to say the same thing twice. A confused Hays then finds that he has driven himself out to Shoepick Lane, and stands in his nightclothes in front of the remains of the Purcell home.


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  • Elisa Montgomery mentions the Franklin Scandal in connection with the Purcell case.
  • Hays reveals that his reading habits including Batman and Silver Surfer comics.


  • Dan O'Brien states that on the Friday night the Purcell children disappeared, he went to a bar, then home where he watched "CHiPs" on television. In November 1980, NBC broadcast CHiPs on Sunday nights, not Fridays.


  • Death Letter
    Written by Son House
    Performed by Cassandra Wilson
  • Billie's Blues
    Written by Billie Holiday
    Performed by Cassandra Wilson
  • Good Morning Heartache
    Written by Ervin Drake, Dan Fisher, Irene Higginbotham
    Performed by Cassandra Wilson
  • Reconsider Me
    Performed by Warren Zevon
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