"Do you wanna know what they did to me? What I will do to all the sons and daughters of man"
―Errol Childress to Rustin Cohle[src]

Errol Childress is a serial killer and follower of the twisted and brutal Tuttle cult, operating in Lousiana. Childress is the primary antagonist of the first season of True Detective.

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Errol William Childress is an enigmatic and deranged serial killer: he is likely self-educated (as suggested by the piles of books and other textual material in his house) and he clearly has a significant knowledge of literature – specifically Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow but likely Ambrose Bierce as well, a fiction writer and documenter of the Civil War (who also happened to coin the name “Carcosa”). Furthermore, his dialogue makes it clear that his education extends beyond merely fiction. Errol doesn’t just imitate the dialogue he hears in a film, but adopts the entire dialect of British culture, down to its colloquialisms. In multiple cases, Errol appears to know more than he lets on, fluctuating so as to adapt to the situation and professing his own intentions in impressively nuanced language. Childress is also a massive man, and extremely strong. As seen in the last episode of season one, he lifts Cohle with ease and after being shot twice, appears unaffected by the wounds as he attacks Martin Hart.

M.O. Edit

He kidnaps unfortunate down and out women or children, brutally tortures and rapes them before murdering them and leaving their bodies in disturbing ritualistic poses (For example Dora Lange Ep. 1). Both Methamphetamine and LSD were also found in the blood of Dora Lange and Rianne Olivier, suggesting that drugging the victims was part of the rituals.

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