Elliot Bezzerides is a yogi lecturer who travels around the world. He is also the father of Ani and Athena Bezzerides.

Biography Edit

Events prior Season 2 Edit

Elliot and Doc did social theory work in a commune called "Good People" at some point in the past. Ani was also connected to this commune and used to be there as a kid.

Down Will Come Edit

Elliot mentioned that he remembers Doc, and that he was around in the early 90's researching the dynamics of communal living. Doc, Austin Chessani, Tony Chessani and other unidentified members (possibly Ben Caspere also) were part of Chessani lodge. He remembers that Ben used to attend seminars but never talked. It's not unlikely that Elliot and Chessani Lodge could have been connected because a lot of spiritual movements crossed paths in the area back in that day. Elliot points out that Ray has one of the largest auras (green and black color) he has ever seen and Ray must have had hundreds of lives.

Personality Edit

Elliot isn't comfortable imposing his will onto other people. It may be the reason his wife left him and his daughters. Elliot and Antigone have a somewhat antagonistic father-daughter relationship. She's angry at her father for his outlook on life and completely different values. He isn't irritated by Ani's rebellious nature but he's interested in her motives. Eliot asks his daughter to drop off her negative vibe and stop creating problems for herself. His appearance is reminiscent of the 60's.


  • 1978 could be the year his wife died.
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