Blake Churchman
Blake Churchman
Name: Blake Churchman
Status: Deceased
Place of death: Vinci, CA
Cause of death: Bludgeoned, throttled, and shot by Frank Semyon; ultimately died by exsanguination
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: Frank Semyon
Profession: Crime Lieutenant, Pimp
Played by: Christopher James Baker
Seasons: 2
First episode: "The Western Book of the Dead"
Appears in: 2 season, 5 episodes
Blake Churchman was Frank Semyon's treacherous right-hand man and a double agent, working for Osip Agronov. He serves as the quaternary antagonist in the second season of True Detective.

Biography Edit

The Western Book of the Dead Edit

Blake handles the newspaper article about supposed corruption in Vinci to Frank. He gets scolded by Frank for saying that state investigation won't touch his business. Later Blake attends railway presentation ball and informs that Ben hasn't been in his office for 2 days.

Night Finds You Edit

Blake accompanied Frank to his meeting with Danny Santos at "Lux Infinitum" club.

Maybe Tomorrow Edit

When Blake gets confronted by Frank, he answers that he was with his lady and his phone died. Later he reveals that Stan was found dead. Lastly Blake was asked to make a meeting of all people who works and have been working on Frank's territory at Santos' place.

Other LivesEdit

Semyon has Velcoro start follow Blake, whom he no longer trusts. Velcoro spots him and Tony Chessani picking up three girls at Pitlor's clinic and then bringing them to Semyon's ally-turned rival, Osip Agronov.

Black Maps and Motel RoomsEdit

Semyon confronts Blake over his role in Osip's operation; Blake admits that Osip is trying to force Semyon out of business with the help of Chessani's son Tony, who Osip will install as mayor of Vinci to act as his puppet. When pushed further, Blake confesses to having killed Stan and staging the murder to imitate Caspere's death. Blake then attempts to convince Frank that he can act as his spy in Osip's organization. Instead, Semyon shoots Blake in the stomach, pours himself a drink and watches as Blake bleeds to death.


Blake was shown to be very treacherous, arrogant, cowardly, desperate and especially disloyal to almost everyone he knows or works for as he betrayed Frank to Osip and McCandless, killed Stan so that Stan does not reveal Blake's betrayal and also tried to save his own life by proposing to spy on Osip.